Meucci Ultimate Weapon Pro Shaft

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  • Meucci was the first cue where deflection was considered and written about as far back as 1976 in their "Join the Revolution" brochure.

  • The new Ultimate Weapon Pro comes with a consistent Conical Taper that feels like a "Pro Taper" through your bridge hand. It comes standard with an Ultra Skin Medium Tip considered by most pros to be the best tip on the market.

  • This new shaft is one solid piece of wood with no hole in the middle of the shaft. The tip sits directly on the wood of the shaft with a 1/2 inch hydraulic through-ferrule.

  • Bob did studies 39 years ago with a Millikan High Speed Camera at 1,000 frames per second (42 times slower than normal speed). Recently, after testing all alleged low-deflection shafts from other manufacturers, using the Meucci Myth Destroyer Robot, the Ultimate Weapon Pro was found to be 40% lower in cue ball deflection than all other brands.

  • This 11.65mm shaft will be available for all other brands as well as, of course, all Meucci styles ever made with the correct matching joint collar.