21st Century-2

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The Meucci 21st Century Cue #2 has a vivid contrasting inlay of red, black and mother of pearl. Exquisite design with a comparitively modest price when compared to any other brand in the market. Now available with a leather wrap.

It has Power Piston Technology of the butt and comes with one of Meucci's unsurpassed 35-layer low-deflection Black Dot Bullseye laminated shafts. The Meucci shaft standard is 12.75mm. Upon request, 12-14mm is available.

The forearm is black with three striking points with thick red veneer lines. There is highly detailed scrimshaw at the base of each point. In between the points are recessed inlays that have a 3-d effect.

There are 4 detailed bands on the butt with 24 separate, precise 1/16 x 1/16 square Orange inlays in each one. Thats 96 in the butt alone. The shaft carries an additional 24.

The wrap is a Eurothane Coated cream Irish Linen. It comes with the Everlock adjustable weight bolt system.